“…Ujjal has a great attention to detail, working considerately and diligently in completing his work. He has a strong BA mindset and can lead workshops, manage critical activities and takes ownership of his work.

He was enjoyable to work with and looks to incorporate a strong element of quality into his deliverables.”

M. Laffar, Allianz Insurance, UK.


“…Ujjal delivered exceptional results in a methodical and highly objective manner. Where there were pre-conceptions, Ujjal was able to ensure that “the truth” was extracted from the subject matter and focus was retained.

He performed well with minimal management and took a proactive approach to his work.

Ujjal is an easy person to work with, has excellent communication skills and integrates well with established teams, stakeholders and executives.

I would certainly engage Ujjal again, should the and opportunity and requirement arise.”

K.Quin, Post Office Ltd, UK.

“I have worked with Ujjal for many years from the start of our career in IT Industry. We worked in the same group for almost 5 years and he is one of the best person I have ever worked in my professional world. A man driven by ethics, out of the box thinking and knowledge.

He is very calm in nature and never breaks his cool attitude even under high pressure. His domain knowledge in Insurance and Project management is excellent.”

R.Ghosh, TATA Consultancy Services, India.


“…Ujjal very quickly gained the necessary knowledge and understanding of what is a large, multi layered, national organisation gaining a full understanding of the complex line management structure relevant to his area of accountability. This knowledge was critical to Ujjal forming good relationships with key, relevant stakeholders, in order to analyse current state and identify the gaps, all of which Ujjal delivered successfully to expected quality and time.

Ujjal always made himself available and adopted a flexible approach to meetings, both face to face and conference call, as appropriate to all attendees.

Ujjal maintained a sense of calm and ability to quickly adapt his approach, when faced with frustrating delays and continual changes to overall project scope.”

J. Marwoord, Post Office Ltd, UK.


“…I found Ujjal’s work to be methodical, accurate and delivered in a format that the business was able to translate and use. He is very professional, establishes good relationships with stakeholders and has a positive outlook when approaching his work. I would happily work with Ujjal again in the future.”

A. De Sousa, Allianz Insurance, UK.


“…I have been impressed with both your productivity and the quality of your work in this project. You picked up the requirements gathering and identified the gaps in previous requirement work quickly enough to ensure that stakeholder expectations could be managed at an early stage. You demonstrated initiative and thoroughness by ensuring that business areas previously not engaged were made aware of the project and the issues and requirements from these areas were captured in a logical manner.

During meetings you were always prepared to be an active part of the discussion and highlight the issues you had uncovered through your analysis work. You questioned assumptions made about the business requirements and always asked for evidence to support the previous requirement work.

The documentation you produced was of a very high standard and you followed the verification and approval process in a structured way which reduced the overall period required to enable the requirement documentation to be baselined. Throughout the creation of the documents you were fully engaged with the business and ensured they were aware of the various issues surrounding the gathering of the requirements for the autosquirt solution.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts…”

M. Grant, Aviva (Norwich Union) Life, UK.


– Good questioning techniques – able to elicit information from people.
– Able to pick things up quickly – started off with little knowledge which developed into a good overall understanding.
– Quickly built up a good network of contacts.
– Good knowledge of the scope and purpose…

…I enjoyed our brief time together Ujjal.”

P. Grainger, Aviva (Norwich Union) Life, UK.

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